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This overview of the best places to visit and things to do in Ohrid shows where to find the cultural, historic and natural attractions.

Why OHRID...

It’s no wonder that Ohrid is one of many tourists’ favorite destination. It’s hard, very very hard not to like the town, and it’s also really hard to run out of things to see in Ohrid. From the beach to the Monasteries, from the shopping to the boat trips, here are some of the best things to do in Ohrid, Macedonia.

Best things to do in Ohrid

The list is not in particular order

Ohrid is easily one of the most beautiful destinations in Macedonia and the whole Balkan peninsula:

Discover the TOP 9 things to do in Ohrid and have an awesome time!

Ohrid is a great city to spend a few days. This is one of the places in Macedonia you shouldn’t miss. There is a lot to do in this relatively small town. We wrote down our 8 favorite things to do in Ohrid.

Explore Ohrid Old Town by walk

Starting from the Upper Gate (Gorna Porta) you have the best chance to explore the old town and see everything. Just follow the signs and you will reach all the landmarks. Or, if you want to follow our recommendations for things to do in Ohrid check out the walking map bellow.

tsar samoil fortress ohrid
things to do in ohrid

Have a traditional food in the oldest part of the Bazaar

On the walking map you will see an icon that represents restaurant, go to that street and choose any of the local restaurants and have some traditional Macedonian food.


Make sure that you have cash with you because cards are not accepted, also don’t expect a receipt. The way they work is typical for the Balkans in the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s -so the amount you need to pay is simply written on a piece of napkin. The amazing traditional food will blow your mind. 

Go on a boat ride along the shore of the city

Get on a small boat (‘kajce’ in Macedonian) from the harbor or from the shore near the square and have an amazing romantic trip on Lake Ohrid.

Enjoy the view of the amazing Church of Saint Jovan at Kaneo, which is magical during night and day. While cruising look at the crystal clear water to see the fish swimming between the rocks and if the weather is nice and warm, ask the captain to stop so you can dive into this refreshing water and cool off.

You can tell him “Zastani Majstore” which means stop, in a local friendly way.

Saint John at Kaneo Ohrid

Visit the St. Naum Monastery

Saint Naum is one of the most beautiful and most popular monasteries in Macedonia. The garden is a “replica” of the Garden of Eden. It is definitely a place where you can chill and enjoy the peaceful and spiritual atmosphere.

There is a legend that if you kneel beside the tomb of Saint Naum and place you ear on it, you can hear his heart beat.

saint naum monastery
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saint naum springs
Holy Mary Perybleptos
bay of bones ohrid macedonia
saint naum springs

On the list of things to do in Ohrid, visiting as many monasteries you can should be on the first place.

Ohrid is known as the Jerusalem of Eastern Europe and one the holiest places for the Orthodox Christians. With its 365 Churches – one for every day of the year – Ohrid is home to some of the most amazing Orthodox architectural masterpieces and religious artwork.

So, if you are a religion history buff, than Ohrid is the place to visit.

Visit as many Monasteries as you can

things to do in ohrid

Hike on Mount Galicica and reach the summit Magaro

Get a taxi or park your car at “Lipova” and start you ascent for the peak of Mount Galicica called Ma​garo 2,240m.


First you will hike trough a dense forest that will transform into a rocky trail with amazing view of the two biggest natural lakes in Macedonia, Ohrid & Prespa.

Unlike most of the trekking routes in Macedonia, Magaro is very popular trail, therefore is well maintained. On this trail there are signs so you don’t need a guide and you can do it by yourselves.

things to do in ohrid
things to do in ohrid

Visit the Bay of bones

The archeological complex so called Bay of Bones is located near Gradiste (read more).


You can visit the site when you drive towards Saint Naum or Mount Galicica. The entrance fee for the museum and archaeological site is 100MKD and it is definitely worth a visit.

The peaceful village at the shores of lake Ohrid has a beautiful pebbled beach and crystal clear water, therefore the locals like to call it the Macedonian Saint Tropez.


Go swimming in the crystal clear waters and enjoy some traditional Macedonian meal that includes fish. We are recommending Belvica fish.

Have fresh fish in the village of Trpejca

things to do in ohrid

Have a boat ride at St. Naum springs

Go on a boat ride at the springs for a fee. The water here is crystal clear and is fed by lake Prespa, which is on higher altitude than Ohrid Lake.

Wander around the Monastery and sample some tasty traditional Macedonian food in one of the restaurants at the springs.

trpejca ohrid
plaosnik ohrid
kaneo ohrid

Paragliding in Ohrid


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