Take your photography to the next level with 1-on-1 or group photo workshop in Skopje


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Skopje is one of Dado's favorite locations to photograph and that's why we created a two days photo workshop dedicated to Skopje photography.

The hustle and bustle, the colorful characters, the combination of newly built baroque and socialist architecture, a London style public transportation system, the countless monuments & statues! Skopje has it all, and you should join us here for an unforgettable Skopje photo tour.

The Skopje Photo tour was created by documentary and travel photographer Dragan (Dado) Tapshanov as a fun, creative, inspiring activity in Skopje. All cameras from cellphones, point/shoot to professional SLR/DSLR’s are welcome, including all photography levels and ages, beginners to professionals.


While attending the Skopje Photo tour you will learn to use compelling and persuasive tools to expand your vision and style, documenting what you see to a higher level. Whether it’s a hobby, a profession or merely a creative expression, there’s something in it for all ages to explore and enjoy with little or no preparation.

Square "Macedonia" with the Warrior on a Horse monument

The Archeological Museum in Skopje

Skopje is a perfect city for street photography

Newly build Baroque building

  • THE PRICE IS PER PERSON - MINIMUM 4 PEOPLE (3 or less the price is 35€)


  • DEPOSIT OF 30% IS REQUIRED - Paypal, German, Hungarian Bank transfer


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