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All you need to know about money and related services including currency exchange, banks, ATM's and Macedonian currency.

The official currency in Macedonia is Macedonian Denars.

While you might find vendors and taxi drivers that accept Euros, you will definitely need denars everywhere in the country.


If - in your country - you can't find exchange office that trades Macedonian Denars, do not worry. Euros and the US Dollars are also welcome in Macedonia so you can take them as cash, in low denominations (nothing bigger than €20) and change them locally as and when you need to. You should get around 60 denars for €1, which in the average bar will be enough to buy a beer.


There are many exchange offices in Skopje city center and also at Skopje and Ohrid Airports. However a general rule: try to avoid exchanging currency at the airports, due to lower exchange rates.


ATMs in Skopje and Macedonia are widely available everywhere. There are ATMs at Skopje Airport as well, so you can simply withdraw Macedonian denars once you arrive. 

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