Krushevo is the historical gem of Republic of Macedonia. Birth places of heroes and legends, beautiful scenery & unique architecture.

About Krushevo

Located at 1250m above sea level, the town of Krushevo is the highest settlement in Macedonia. With mild continental climate Krushevo is one of the coldest places in Macedonia with average temperature of 10 degrees Celsius.

Nested in the mountains, Krushevo is 34km from the city of Prilep

The town is known among Macedonians as city of heroes and legends, being the birth place of numerous recognizable names of Macedonias history and art scene. The singer Tose Proeski, the painter Nikola Martinovski and the revolutionaries Nikola Karev & Pitu Guli are among the notable people born in Krushevo.

What makes Krushevo so important for Macedonia is being the place of the Saint Elijah (Ilinden) uprising against the Ottomans on 2nd August 1903. That day the Krushevo Republic was formed and lasted for 10 days before the return of a large Ottoman army, destroying the Macedonian forces.

On the 2nd of August is one of the biggest holiday for Macedonia and is representing the struggle of Macedonians for independence and freedom. 

Every year on Ilinden, people from all over the country are dressing up in traditional revolutionary uniforms and making their way towards the town by horses. 

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What to do in Krushevo

Walk around the town of Krushevo

You don't need public transportation to explore the city, but be prepared for ups and downs. Walking in the town is amazing in summer as well as in winter. You will be amazed by the narrow streets and unique architecture of Krushevo, while walking from the center up to the Makedonium monument & Tose Proeski museum, you will see many interesting houses and churches.

Make sure you visit some of the house museums, like Nikola Martinovski's home, where you will see many of his artworks.

Vodici - Epiphany in Krushevo

One of the most interesting and tourist popular religious holiday in Macedonia is Vodici (Epiphany). The main priest is trowing a wooden cross in the ice cold river/lake and a group of people on his signal is entering the water, each of them trying to get the cross.

In Krushevo, Vodici is organized on the Lake Krushevo

Paragliding, Biking, Skiing & Hiking in Krushevo

Krushevo is a perfect town for adventurers in any season. You can hike in Krushevo for days and you don't need extra transportation, you can always start from your accommodation.


An amazing hike in the summer is the one to the Meckin Kamen, an Ilinden monument of the revolutionary Pitu Guli holding a massive stone, "aiming" towards the Ottoman army. Also the trail is very popular for bikers. Personally for us, the best hike in winter is from Hotel Montana up to the ski slopes and then down to the Makedonium monument.

The ski terrains are not for extreme skiers, but more for recreational skiers and amateurs.

Paragliding is extremely popular in Krushevo and pilots, both pros & amateurs from all over the world are folding the town in the paragliding season. Popularity is due the amazing nature that can be seen from above.

All photographs are made by Edit & Dado Tapshanov for the purposes of this website during our two winter holidays in Krushevo.
We are going this summer again on a camping trip to this beautiful town and we are going to update this article with more informations and photographs of an amazing summer Krushevo landscapes.

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