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4 Ways How to get from Belgrade to Skopje

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

When touring Eastern Europe there is one country that is often overlooked yet definitely deserves a visit. That’s Macedonia and especially its capital and biggest city Skopje. If you happen to be in the neighboring Serbia and would like to know its less known sister we’ve prepared a guide how to get from Belgrade to Skopje.

1. Belgrade to Skopje by plane

A really fast way to travel between Belgrade and Skopje is flying. There is one airline that offer direct flights between these two capitals, with the flying time less than 1 hour and 30 minutes.

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Air Serbia, offers tickets starting at €75 one way. Right now there’re Air Serbia flights between Belgrade and Skopje every day.

belgrade to skopje

To easiest and cheapest way to get to Belgrade airport is by mini bus and bus. Here you can see more info about transport.

From Skopje Airport to the city center you can come by a shuttle bus or being picked up by a car for 20EUR. The car is leaving you at your desired location.

If you want to arrange Airport transfer for 20EUR with us, book here

2. Belgrade to Skopje by Train

Train is probably the WORST way to travel from Belgrade to Skopje. They are always late and you need to be prepared to travel for as long as 10-11 hours! The price is 33EUR in one way.

3. Belgrade to Skopje by Bus

There are few bus companies serving Belgrade to Skopje route, departing through the day. Tickets start at €/one way but remember that the earlier you book, the cheaper the ticket will be. Generally you shouldn’t pay more than 25€ one way and 35€ two ways.

belgrade to skopje bus

The journey time depends on the company but you should expect arriving to Skopje some 6-7 hours after leaving Belgrade. The buses in Serbia's capital depart from the Central bus station. They arrive in Skopje at the Central Bus station.

In Skopje, you can walk to the square for 10min. from the Central Bus Station or if you are staying in one of our apartments in Skopje it will take 20min. Taxi to the apartments will be no more than 150MKD.

  • Check the Belgrade to Skopje bus timetable here

4. From Belgrade to Skopje by private car

If you would like to have the flexibility of door-to-door service but don’t really want to travel with other people you can use the private transfer offer from Belgrade to Skopje. The price for the service isn’t the cheapest, you should expect to pay at least €250 for a car that can fit up to 4 passengers.

For a little extra you can even stop for some sightseeing along the way.

If you would like arranged private transfer from Belgrade to Skopje please contact us here.

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